Aug 01

Mom Rock + The Thing With Feathers

Jammin Java All Ages
Doors 6:30PM | Show 7:30PM

About the event

Mom Rock

Forming in Boston in 2018, Canadian-American indie rock outfit Mom Rock combines the forces of Curtis Heimburger, Wilson Reardon, and Tara Maggiulli. They got their start taking Boston’s college party scene by storm, and have since stolen the hearts of show-goers with electric live sets, infectious original tunes, and signature themed get-ups.

Mom Rock’s discography is a whip-smart and poignant Bildungsroman, written in real time as the band kicked their way through a pandemic, an unprecedented global recession, the creeping influence of the metaverse, and—perhaps most daunting of all—college. 

The band’s catalog begins with their rosy, jangle-pop-inflicted singles “Conversation” and “Grand Romantic Life” and is followed by the more angsty stylings of 90s alternative-inspired “I Am The Same” and “Xylophone.” They’re not afraid of getting emotional, either; “Flinching” is a break-up anthem that decries the toll a fading love takes, and “if i had better friends” examines the bleak loneliness that comes with self-isolation. Altogether, their catalog is a crash course in young adulthood and all that comes with it—friendship, heartbreak, self-love, self-loathing, and the very human need to belong.

With nothing but organic grassroots efforts, Mom Rock have surpassed 7,000,000 streams on Spotify alone and have reached a global audience of over 600,000 listeners. They’ve released four EPs to date, and have been slated to play on stages of festivals like Shaky Knees, Music Midtown, Osheaga, and Mile of Music. They were recently featured as Rolling Stone’s Hot Band in their 2022 Hot Issue, and are a 2023 Salt Lick Incubator grant recipient. Mom Rock are currently based in Nashville, and are available for any Little League games you need players for.

The Thing With Feathers

The Thing With Feathers are an alt-rock, indie pop and dance powerhouse, fueled by three of Nashville’s favorite fools: David Welcsh (vocals), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar) and Chris Roussell (drums).

Molded through a two-year evolution from frat bro cover group to budding powerhouse boy band by Welcsh between 2016 and 2018, ever-changing members and inconsistent style hindered the bands early years. After an initial connection between Welcsh and Hendricks, the addition of Roussell followed in quick succession, cementing the bands lineup and bringing about their debut single, ‘Song of the Nightime’, in February 2019. 

The Feathers footing found solid ground soon after the modest success of their debut with ‘Figure It Out’, their sophomore single, released in May of 2019. The infectious hook and pop-sensitive rock sound helped the track amass over a million streams on Spotify since its release, quickly becoming a fan-favorite at live shows and proving a powerful catalyst in reaching an international audience. As the band continued to forge their distinct sound through their next several releases (‘Blue’, ‘What You Want’, and ‘Midwest Daydreams’) they also perfected their live sound and on-stage presence through various shows in Nashville, going out on a perfect high note with a sold-out show at the High Watt a mere three weeks prior to the initial pandemic lockdown. 

Through an unprecedented pause on live shows due to COVID-19, the boys continued to obsessively work on their studio sound, retreating to the studio where they’d write and record what would become their debut EP, Sundays in the South. Masterfully produced by Owen Lewis (Old Sea Brigade, Snow Patrol) and mixed by Dreaden, the career-defining release pushes the boundaries of pop-infused alternative rock to lengths not previously exhibited by their Nashville contemporaries.

2022 saw immense growth for the band, beginning with the release of Sundays in the South, followed by ‘Lights Down Low’ being added into rotation on MTVs Spankin’ New. The band was subsequently featured as an official artist at SXSW in Austin, TX, and they’ve toured continuously throughout the South and Midwest.

With the rollout of their sophomore EP, Waste My Revenge, and the release of their two latest singles, “Something Wrong” and “Ready to Burn”, the Feathers have begun to see great success on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, being added to several editorial playlists and garnering hundreds of thousands of views on their channel.

The band brings the kind of eccentric, electric energy capable of catapulting a garage band, initially built for taking over college towns, in front of both underground and mainstream audiences alike. The boys unpracticed, quirky swagger coupled with stellar musicianship has resulted in a catalog of equally introspective and uncomplicated tunes, dedicated to booty-shakers everywhere.

Welcsh sums it up best: “[Our music] is an invitation. It’s an empowerment, a call to something greater, a belief in something more, but most of all it is hope.” 

This show is at Jammin Java

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