Dec 19

Hypernyte featuring apathi, gemini, Jackattack, and Mikeee

Hypernyte featuring apathi, gemini, Jackattack, and Mikeee,

Jammin Java All Ages
Doors 6:30PM | Show 7:30PM

About the event


At the urging of inspiration and role model, Andrew Huang, Vienna native apathi (spotify, youtube) began recording and producing music in his basement studio in 2019. In 2021, he released his debut album under the apathi moniker, Iodine Dreams, followed by the early 2022 EP, i fell asleep inside my head. He made the live debut of these projects at a March 7, 2022 Jammin Java show where he shared the bill with gemini. His latest single, “closer 2 u,” is a combination of pop, hyperpop, experimental, and dance influences that coalesce in a three-minute tour de force. 


Emerging into the bizarre and exciting world of internet music during the summer of 2021, gemini (spotify, soundcloud) is a 19-year-old musician originally from Vienna, Virginia. Her return to Northern Virginia for this show will be her first performance at Jammin Java since the March 7, 2022 release party for her debut project, how to cheat death. Her latest EP, teenage alchemy, features a collection of pop and punk inspired tracks that bridge the eclectic hyperpop-adjacent stylings of artists such as brakence, webcage, and glaive with the emotional weight and introspection of such projects as underscores’s fishmonger and Jane Remover’s Frailty.


Jackattack (spotify, youtube) is an 18-year-old hyperpop/indie artist from Arlington, Virginia. In his junior year of high school, he began using free apps and programs to create music in his closet. As he began to produce full songs, he gravitated towards the hyperpop and indie scenes, taking inspiration from artists such as midwxst, ericdoa, Juice WRLD, and aldn. With the recent release of “Sorrow” and live shows with crowds screaming his lyrics, Jackattack is on the rise.


Mikeee (spotify, youtube) is an emerging hyperpop artist from Vienna, Virginia who has been making music since 2020. Initially using it as a coping skill, his style and lyrics were inspired by lil peep and Juice WRLD. Over time, his melodic influences evolved towards hyperpop, shaped by artists such as glaive, ericdoa, and brakence. With the storytelling of “Matcha Tea” and the hard hitting bass of “Poker Face”, Mikeee solidified his love for the hyperpop genre. His fans seem to agree, as his new songs rack up tens of thousands of streams on Spotify and he headlines local shows, catapulting him into the spotlight.

This show is at Jammin Java

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