Lee DeWyze – Tickets – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA – May 12th, 2019

Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze


Sunday May 12, 2019

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

GA $20 | Premier $20 | Premier Plus $20

This event is all ages

• Full dinner and drink menu available
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Lee DeWyze
Lee DeWyze
Lee DeWyze VIP upgrade includes: early entry, meet-and-greet / photo opportunity with Lee and a 2-song sound-check performance.

Lee DeWyze launched the pivotal stage of what was already a high-profile musical career with his Vanguard Records debut – Frames, in the summer of 2013.

What followed was a high-caliber list of praise from the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo Music, Rolling Stone, and dozens upon dozens more.

“I hunkered down and wrote an album,” the Chicago native explains. “I wanted to take it back to what I’m really about, which is writing emotionally charged, meaningful songs. It wasn’t like I wanted to find a label and then decide what kind of album to make. I knew what kind of album I wanted to make and knew I could make. It’s going back to the kind of music I’ve always loved. I grew up listening to Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel—folk-based acoustic music. Don’t get me wrong—my experience on the show was great. But for someone like me and the kind of music I make, that only takes you so far. It feels really good to get back to the grass roots of what I’m about. The way I see it, everything that’s happened throughout my career has happened so that I can make this record.” The show DeWyze is referring to is American Idol, which he won in 2010.

DeWyze played guitar, piano, mandolin, banjo and drums during the recording sessions, during which he collaborated with renowned producer/songwriters Toby Gad, Drew Pearson, Matthew Wilder and Phil Allen, as well as mixer extraordinaire Jim Scott. “I’ve never felt a connection with my music, more than I do right now,” DeWyze says, making no effort to hide his excitement. “It’s a very real thing, and it feels right.”

Frames garnered many licenses and syncs and proved that DeWyze was not only a great singer, but an extremely talented song-writer. Shows like Nashville, Reign, and Hart of Dixie all used his music, as did ESPN, and several independent films. Blue Cross Blue Shield recently used the song ‘Don’t Be Afraid” as part of their national 2014/2015 campaign.

However, the door really kicked open when Lee penned the song ‘Blackbird Song’ for The Walking Dead in March of 2014. An original song that he wrote specifically for the show itself.

Blackbird Song has accumulated over 50k single unit sales, 2M collective YouTube views, and has over 1.1M Spotify streams. The song is considered one of the top 10 syncs of the 2014 by the Music Guild Association.

In 2015, DeWyze will release an onslaught of music and video content, and continue his relentless touring here in the US and overseas.

Lee has a #1 song in Ireland called Lullaby that was recorded and performed by Ronan Keating.

He also has a #3 song in Italy called Magnetic Heart recorded and performed by Marco Mengoni.

“I’m finally in the lane I belong in, and I feel like I can just go.” DeWyze says in anticipation of what he’s preparing to unleash in 2015.
Often the artists that are most enduring and universally revered – think: John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty – are so not just because of their music...but because of their unique ability to tell a story. And time and again, those stories about their lives reveal something to us about our own.

Prolific singer-songwriter Michael Sackler-Berner, aka MSB, has spent the last eight years aspiring to nothing less than such a hallowed purpose, mostly succeeding and sometimes stumbling along the way. But it’s all led him to what is sure to be remembered as a career-defining moment.

For his intriguingly conceptual new album Short Stories, he has combed through
those songwriting moments that have most shaped him throughout that time, for a resulting collection that incisively captures the evolution of his singular musical talents.

Having grown up on everything from B.B. King to Sinatra to ‘90s hip-hop, he recalls, “My inability to learn other people’s songs, combined with my poetry-filled adolescent diary, led me into songwriting.”

A kid from New York City who would go on to cut his teeth in the same Montreal scene that spawned Arcade Fire (though he now calls Brooklyn home), he was introduced to the public musically via his well-received 2010 debut album MSB. It was notable not just for its proficient and eclectic songwriting – but also for soundtracking hit television shows the likes of Law & Order, Dateline and, most prominently, FX’s Sons of Anarchy.

By the time of the release of his 2011 EP Shimmer and Shine, a telling pattern had begun to develop. The record was produced by David Kahne, who had worked with Paul McCartney and Regina Spektor. It was the first of several high-profile collaborations, including Marshall Crenshaw, Jeff Goldblum, legendary Dylan drummer Jim Keltner...the list goes on.

One such collaboration saw him forming the The Slim Kings in 2012 with bassist Andy Attanasio and venerable Billy Joel drummer Liberty Devitto. Despite being a new band, they would rack up serious road time with the likes of ZZ Top, Los Lonely Boys and The Spin Doctors, only further confirming his ability to draw marquee musicians into his world.

Seven years and an equal number of releases later, MSB’s songs would continue to connect with a mainstream audience via popular television dramas – Nurse Jackie, Chicago Fire, Army Wives and Netflix’s Bloodline, to be specific. But Short Stories is destined to become the album that most viscerally and definitively defines his talent as an artist and songwriter going forward.

“These are cherry picked songs from the last six years,” he says. “I’ve put out a lot of MSB EPs and Slim Kings records; but these were the most important songs to me, and I was saving them up for a special record.”

Special, indeed. From the very first moments of “A Thousand Times,” his poignantly piercing, Leonard Cohenesque lament on doomed romance (“If you don’t leave / You can’t come back for more”) set to a stirring suite of strings, one begins to grasp his considerable ability to convey genuine, affective emotional gravity.

But then “Death to Uptight” and “Trouble is Fun” both tap into a sly, Anglo sort of cool, recalling the iconoclasm of British pop greats from The Kinks to Blur – with all the cleverness and attention grabbing hooks to match.

Another standout, “City Living” is hip scat jazz, possibly as if imagined by Elvis Costello - with its colorful, urban lyrical evocations of, “Everybody loves the sunshine / But asphalt makes me complete.” You could easily imagine that he might have penned it for Ol’ Blue Eyes, and can even hear him crooning it in your head if you
try. But if that weren’t enough genre-hopping, the exhilarating “Top of the Hill” finds him howling ferally over revved up, fuzzed-out psych-punk, complete with retro Farfisa organ.

It says much, of course, about his capacity as a musical force to be watched, and surely soon to be reckoned with in 2019 – following the release of this thoroughly transcendent record.

“It’s an album of fully realized Short Stories,” he reiterates by way of the title. “The goal was to let each song lean all the way into whatever style suited it best production wise. But to me...it just sounds like me.”
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Jammin Java
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