Vertical Nights feat. Vertical Worship, Luke McDonald, & Special Guests (at McLean Bible Church) – CANCELLED! – Tickets – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA – March 15th, 2019

Vertical Nights feat. Vertical Worship, Luke McDonald, & Special Guests (at McLean Bible Church) - CANCELLED!

Vertical Nights feat. Vertical Worship, Luke McDonald, & Special Guests (at McLean Bible Church) - CANCELLED!

Friday March 15, 2019

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

GA $15-$20 | Worship Workshop $35-$45


This event is all ages

• This concert is at McLean Bible Church 8925 Leesburg Pike, Vienna

• Must use promo code to get church discount!

• PLEASE NOTE: The charge will show up on your statement as "JAMMIN JAVA"

Vertical Worship
Vertical Worship
We have been born into the middle of the story. We know the beginning, and we have read the histories of those who have gone before us. We have seen God’s plan play out and the redemption brought to us through Jesus Christ. And like those who read ahead, skipping to the last chapter, we know how all of this will end. Christ defeated death and promised us a future with Him forever. We are children of a Kingdom that will never end, and the future for us is bright. How unique to be living our lives in between what has been accomplished and what has been promised. Between the already and the not yet.

Vertical Worship is looking forward to what’s been promised with their latest album Bright Faith Bold Future . “Our previous records,” says vocalist Andi Rozier, “have been about ninety percent hindsight saying ‘this is what the Lord has done’ while Bright Faith Bold Future is a looking forward. The Lord is giving foresight to what He wants us to do.”

It is easy to forget what has been promised, and to begin to sink into the sorrow of our situations. We remember what God has done, but we forget what He has promised for our future. “We are at this moment in time where there is a lot of cynicism and a sense that things aren’t getting better,” says Luke MacDonald, Executive Ministry Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel. “There is a general malaise of uncertainty, which is not at the core of what Jesus came to do or to promise.” We see throughout the Bible Jesus reminding us that yes, you will have trouble in the world, but that He has conquered the world. We hear Jesus telling His disciples that He is going to prepare a place for us. So we don’t have a fool-hearted hope, but a tasted and seen hope.

Vertical Worship’s hope for these songs is that they would serve as lifeboats for fellow believers. That as the waves of doubt begin to knock against us, we would have truth to hold onto and to sing into our desperate situations. Like the track Shelter says, when the waters rise and oceans rage God will be our shelter and in Him is our safety. The hope is as you listen and these songs embed themselves in your life, that the name Vertical Worship would fade and the truth in the songs would grow, lifting your eyes up to the heavens, to one day see our Savior return and bring us into the boldest future we could ever imagine and the fulfillment of this bright faith.
Luke McDonald
Luke McDonald
Luke MacDonald is Executive Ministry Pastor/Lead Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel's Rolling Meadows campus. Harvest Bible Chapel is a family of thousands with worshipers on multiple campuses throughout Chicagoland.
Sarah Reeves
Sarah Reeves
A pure, clear opal appears white to the naked eye. Yet, upon closer inspection, it’s apparent the stone actually reflects a rainbow of colors. Like this rare gem, pop artist Sarah Reeves showcases a prism of organic hues through her vibrant music. With a renewed passion for her artistry and an innovative sound that clearly launches the next chapter in her career, Reeves is poised to bring a fresh expression of herself in the form of new music.

Throughout 2018, a forward-thinking marketing approach will see 13 fresh tracks rolled out, song by song, culminating in the debut of Reeves’ first full-length project for Word Entertainment. Like the album release, the sonic backdrop for Reeves’ new material is unconventional, marked by avant-garde production and a kaleidoscope of propulsive beats. Produced by Robert Marvin (Kelly Clarkson, Mat Kearney, Paper Route), Reeves’ new music also boasts collaborations with Ian Keaggy and Josh Hawkins (Super Duper), who helped craft an album that merges her worship roots with her pop sensibilities and deft lyricism.

After initially signing a record deal at 18, Reeves toured heavily for years before coming off the road for an indefinite hiatus to focus on songwriting—her first love. Thinking her career as a recording artist was over, Reeves poured herself into writing songs for others, including Jesus Culture, Kari Jobe and Natalie Grant. Her songs received film and TV placement, and her vocals found their way onto select recordings, including a feature on Kirk Franklin’s BET Awards-nominated track, “My World Needs You,” also featuring Tasha Cobbs and Tamela Mann. In addition, she gradually cultivated a devoted following of more than 100,000 fans on YouTube who discovered her voice through a series of cover songs, garnering her nearly 20 million global views.

Somewhere between the glare of her former artist life and the stark behind-the-scenes respite of a songwriter’s reality, Reeves experienced a beneficial tension that forced her to reexamine her calling and gave her the courage to create fresh, original faire she, in turn, wanted to record for herself.

“My inner artist has been battling with stereotypical artist expectations for years,” Reeves reveals. “I now know who I am and am confident in who God created me to be.”

With its intentional experimentation and pop influence, her new collection reintroduces Reeves as a multi-faceted artist—each song displaying a different aspect of her personality. Although diverse in lyrical content, Reeves’ 13 new cuts strikingly represent the mature, creative force she’s become. The bright, carefree “Something About You” and unabashed worship anthem “Faithful” sit right alongside “Feel The Waters,” a love song written for her husband following a season when their marriage seemed to be falling apart—each track an honest glimpse into a specific area of her personal life.

“This album is super authentic to my journey and experiences over the past few years,” Reeves shares. “I always wanted to make a record like this. Each song is a different expression of me, yet remains sonically thematic. I’m really proud of it.”
Venue Information:
Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave E
Vienna, VA, 22180