Cash Campbell – Tickets – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA – October 10th, 2018

Cash Campbell

Cash Campbell

Shane Hines, Daniel Heffington

Wednesday October 10, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Advance GA $12 | Day of GA $15 | Premier Plus $25

This event is all ages

• Full dinner and drink menu available

• The Premier Plus section is a raised area with great views and reserved seats and tables. There is a dedicated server for faster service

Cash Campbell
Cash Campbell
A cannonball isn't a cannonball once it launches: it's a ball of blazing flames, heading towards the sky. It's a miracle of science, really, how something can change from a solid sphere to a glowing mass of fire in a split second, shifting shape with impressive force. That force is at the heart of new artist Cash Campbell's debut song, "Cannonball," and that power to change and transform at the heart of his artistry. Blending influences from all across the musical spectrum with the free touch of a modernist painter, Campbell's approach transcends genre to reach something deeper than just a simple category: it's a restless type of creativity packed with inertia, only different from a cannonball in that he's simply heading up.

Since its release, "Cannonball" has exploded out of seemingly nowhere, unveiling a sound – and a vision – with few peers. Truth is, Campbell's been a burgeoning creative force for years in his home state of Texas, working quietly and with steadfast dedication to change the game. But now, with a vibrant music video and a lush sonic palate - glittering, guttural and ethereal – "Cannonball" is the perfect entry point to the mind of Campbell, who functions without boundaries and without walls: it's no wonder that the song has captivated fans of everything from Imagine Dragons to Florida Georgia Line and so much in between. Working in partnership with Peer Astrom, the Swedish composer partly responsible for Glee's soundtrack and Chris LaCorte, guitarist for Dustin Lynch, Campbell's a fearless experimenter with a voice like gold, and a friendly demeanor as disarming as his songs. He's a worldly mind with a southern heart; challenging us to rethink the narrow ways we compartmentalize music.

Based in a small town outside of Dallas, Campbell grew up singing in the choir and playing sports: and it was a moment at a high school talent show where he saw some fellow students performing a song by Boston-based progressive roots-rock band Guster that changed his worldview.

"I literally went home, got my dad's guitar out of the closet and spent the next three years glued to that thing," Campbell says. "Guster, Dave Matthews. I think I went to thirteen Dave Matthews shows." Though he was growing up in Texas, he was more enchanted by rock and roll until he got to college, when he started to reconnect with his southern roots: country artists spanning the gamut from Johnny Cash to Toby Keith, enamored not only with the songwriting but in the way the genre was able to change and progress with every decade.

Campbell channeled these varied influences into several different rock-focused bands over the years, following the musical muse as far as Stockholm and Los Angeles and writing with such notable names as the Matrix. Ever scrappy and determined, Campbell would sometimes pretend to be a made-up booking agent, working to secure his own shows under a fake name and doing everything he could to just keep playing. It was a crash course in the music industry; lingering even when he found himself back in Dallas, focusing on what he could offer as a solo artist.

And when he settled back in Texas, he found those Lone Star roots don't just wither – they stayed buried deep, and the songwriting tradition of country music began to seep back in to his psyche stronger than ever before. Few other corners of the industry were experimenting so heavily while still saying so connected to the art of the song itself. Campbell soaked it in.

"When I was growing up in Texas, you couldn't avoid country music," he says. "Everyone was going to Pat Green shows and Josh Abbott shows. But I experimented with all these other genres and years later, primarily in the past two years, I just fell back in love with country music again and began approaching my songwriting from a new perspective. It was this wonderful world I think I was meant to be a part of all along."

Campbell started working with LaCorte and Astrom, honing in on a sound that handpicks the best of their hometowns – Dallas, Nashville and Stockholm – and spins it into a mix that exists in a land all its own. Even their working process is unique. Campbell will craft ideas in his small studio at home, and send them along in a chain to his creative partners, blending it all into something that's part Johnny Cash, part Coldplay, and completely distinct. And at first, Campbell thought about letting one of country's biggest names record "Cannonball," but there was just something about the way the music moved him that he couldn't let go – he had to stand behind it himself. Soon, this path as a solo artist, ready to tear apart musical boundaries, became clear.

Now racking up hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and even more views on YouTube, "Cannonball" has already undergone two transformations: an acoustic version, and a dance remix, showing that, at its root, what Campbell creates are true feats of songwriting that can morph and bend through many incarnations. Now, "Don't Wanna Think About It," his latest release, showcases how naturally he can continue to meld progressive synth beats with a stronghold of country tradition. Campbell knows the world is changing, and he knows that at a dance club in New York City or Ibiza, Macklemore can be played right after Sam Hunt. He wants to make music that can grab the spirit of both: and in one constantly evolving song.

In the coming months, Campbell will continue to unveil new tracks, videos and remixes, in an unconventional model not dependent on traditional album cycles. Because when the music breaks the rules, so should everything else – shifting shape with impressive force, just like a cannonball.
"I'm all about trying to turn things upside down," he says.
Shane Hines
Shane Hines
Shane Hines’ music has taken him all over the world including recording and working at London's Abbey Road Studios. After years of touring nationally and recording he settled in Nashville and secured a publishing deal with Nettwerk, a worldwide record, management and publishing company and started Paperhouse with singer-songwriter, Megan Conner. Eager to be around family, Shane moved back to Va. and released his brand new EP, “Belmont and Blair” in May 2018.
Daniel Heffington
Daniel Heffington
DANIEL HEFFINGTON is a folk/pop artist who pairs unforgettable melodies with driving rhythms. The Virginia-based singer/songwriter is known for the energy and passion of his live performances that feature soulful vocals and poignant lyrics. His musical debut is an EP titled "Only the Broken" and was recorded and produced by Chris Keup and Stewart Myers (the studio duo behind Jason Mraz, Parachute, O.A.R., and other iconic artists).

Heffington has released "Shipwrecked Souls" and "Glory" as the project's lead singles with the full EP releasing September of 2018. "Shipwrecked Souls" was met with critical acclaim from A & R Factory and Keep Walking
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Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave E
Vienna, VA, 22180