Veteran's Day Sunday Party w/ Nirvana Reincarnation + Jordan Daniel Frank – Tickets – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA – November 10th, 2019

Veteran's Day Sunday Party w/ Nirvana Reincarnation + Jordan Daniel Frank

Veteran's Day Sunday Party w/ Nirvana Reincarnation + Jordan Daniel Frank

All Ages
Veteran's Day Sunday Party starring Nirvana Reincarnation + Jordan Daniel Frank | GA $12 | Premier Plus $18

April 1994 - the music world was forever changed in an instant and so too were the lives of the band members of Nirvana Reincarnated. This is no mere lame tribute band name, the following is a true story subject to a recently expired Settlement and Non-Disclosure Agreement with Interpol. I am Dave, a long time fan of the band that took the demise of Nirvana extremely hard. I journeyed to Seattle to help bury the memory of my icon, Kurt Cobain. I launched a Chinese lantern along the Pacific Coast shortly after Kurt's death along with a pack of guitar strings taped to a Nevermind cd. Lost and battling depression, years later I decided to sell a lucrative medical practice in order to find peace along with the recipient of my Chinese lantern. I traveled to the far east and soon found myself alone, lost and broke. To make ends meet, I turned to lucrative black market medical procedures. Making my way along the silk road, I came across an organ trader who claimed to have vocal chords of a "famous grunge artist who terminated his life in April of 1994". At rock bottom, I took all the money out of my pocket and paid the trader the asking price. I performed the surgery myself with the lights out (it's less dangerous) and started making money singing old grunge hits. I was hired to sing an Everest Summit Party in Nepal when I ran into Bish, a young disgraced Brahmin who had been reborn with the gift of playing Nirvana power chords with no prior musical training. However, the Brahmin all hated loud rock and Bish found himself busking as a mere Untouchable. He could only become Brahmin again so long as he vowed to never play an electric guitar. Realizing how valuable Bish might be along the silk road, I kinda kidnapped him and we hitched our way further along the Silk Road performing on a cargo ship that eventually docked in Port Sudan. We toured the local town and came across a young afroed kid named Mazin, playing a makeshift guitar with old ratty strings and wearing the remnants of a crumpled lantern as a hat, singing only the songs from Nevermind. I had found my lantern recipient!!! Better yet, since Mazin was a wiz on guitar, Bish could play bass and become Brahmin once more! We made our way back to the US. The rest is history.

This journey has taken me 25 years and to very strange places, but it is now time for you to come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be. Grab your flannels, ripped jeans and come out for a night you'll never forget. NIRVANA is alive and well and gets its long awaited REINCARNATION!

Venue Information:
Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave E
Vienna, VA, 22180