Live Podcast – Rockin' The Suburbs: Who's Best – Tickets – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA – March 4th, 2020

Live Podcast - Rockin' The Suburbs: Who's Best

Live Podcast - Rockin' The Suburbs: Who's Best

All Ages
GA $15 | Premier $15 | Premier Plus $15

• Full dinner and drink menu available

• The Premier Plus section is a raised area with great views and reserved seats and tables. There is a dedicated server for faster service


Join together for a live taping of “Rockin’ the Suburbs” as we count down and discuss the best songs by The Who.

Music obsessives Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan host this lively podcast, which has attracted listeners across the country and around the world.

YOU CAN GET ON THE SHOW! Step up to the mic and talk about your favorite Who song. Plus, trivia, GIVEAWAYS and other fun stuff! Long live “Rockin’ the Suburbs”! or @SuburbsPod

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Rockin’ the Suburbs is a podcast dedicated to exploring all forms of the rock and pop music, from the perspective of two music-crazed suburbanites (and longtime journalists), Jim Lenahan and Patrick Foster. The show has attracted a passionate, loyal community of fellow music fans.

Jim has been a music obsessive ever since his formative days back in Toledo, Ohio. He’s currently building an amazing collection of cassettes and doesn’t know anything about Juliana Hatfield.

Patrick was bitten by the music bug as a young lad and watching Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park made it even worse. He listens to a lot of Fela Kuti.

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Venue Information:
Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave E

Vienna, VA, 22180