Eskimo Bands D.C. Presents Best of The DMV – Tickets – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA – January 30th, 2020

Eskimo Bands D.C. Presents Best of The DMV

Eskimo Bands D.C. Presents Best of The DMV

$10.00 - $20.00
All Ages
Advance GA $10 | Day of GA $15 | Premier Plus $25

• Full dinner and drink menu available

• The Premier Plus section is a raised area with great views and reserved seats and tables. There is a dedicated server for faster service

Eskimo Bands bring you a night of live original music performed by local artists from the DMV area at Jammin' Java. The lineup below consists of an array of genre's and sounds, each artist will perform for 30 min. so come by and show your love for the local scene.

Big Like Bear:

The concept for Big Like Bear was born in the summer of 2017 at a rusty dive bar in the heart of Washington D.C. at an ill-attended open mic set. The crew quickly began writing and performing together, fusing their love of funk, blues, soul, and southern rock plus an affliction for John Mayer Trio and 90s hip hop. The result was an explosive blend of soulful vocals, bluesy baselines, guitar riffs harkening back to Joel's doom metal days, and a hint of smooth, sweet jazz. To sum it up, some have called Big Like Bear's sound "indie-pop nostalgia;" others have said "deep-soul groove."

The band has brought its eclectic expressions to venues across the East Coast. In summer 2019, Big Like Bear released its debut EP including “the jam” Carefree and “this year’s hottest holiday song” December Queen.

Sweet Pickles:

Sweet Pickles is, at its core, a 3-piece power trio drawing from the annals of rock n’ roll and moving the genre forward by introducing elements of funk, punk, soul, and blues. Pulling from the legacies begun by forefathers including Hank Williams and Robert Johnson and perpetuated by bands such as Cream, Rolling Stones, Queen, and Led Zeppelin, Sweet Pickles brings their audience original music as well as standards, classics, and sing-alongs. From the first strum to the last drum beat, Sweet Pickles keeps toes tapping and asses shaking

Red Medicine:

One part soul, two parts gold. Americana grunge from Alexandria, VA. Red Medicine is a 4 piece rock band that blends elements of folk, blues and grunge, boasting cathartic performances meant to make you move. Sounds wane from Robert Johnson influenced deep delta blues to highly suspect inspired riffs and everything in between. The bands eclectic taste in guitar centered songwriting delivers a tasteful mix of melody and driving energy.

Owl Pack:

Owl Pack is an indie rock band from MD who love old school rock and also like to occasionally wade in the pool of modernity. In addition to reading thesauruses, Owl Pack spends their time creating catchy new tunes for your earholes to enjoy

Dad Legs:

Inspired by the sounds of Courtney Barnett and The Dead Weather, Dad Legs came to life in a grungy basement in Arlington, VA. This garage/blues rock band consisting of Amanda Dove (vox, rhythm guitar, keys), Nolan (lead guitar), Mason Henry (bass), and Freddie Salas (drums) blends guitar-driven rock n’ roll with funky bass lines and soulful vocals. Dad Legs aims to hypnotize your senses and get you movin’ and a groovin’ to the music


Coming together in the Summer of 2015, from established solo projects in the DIY scene around Washington DC, Flowerbomb is the collaborative sound of Charles Scheider, Dan ABH, and Nat Brown on Rachel Kline’s songwriting. Rachel has been making music since her early youth and in her adolescence met Nat and Dan at The Lab All Ages in Alexandria, VA. The Lab is a community venue, studio, and practice space dedicated to fostering the growth of emerging DIY artists in the region where Rachel began booking her own shows. In 2013 she recorded and released her first solo album, Demons, with Dan at the The Lab. Charles was well aware of Rachel’s talent as a musician from her solo shows and joined the group from the vibrant DIY scene from across the river in Silver Spring, MD. When Rachel put the call out in early 2015 for band members it was only inevitable that these four would come together to make Flowerbomb’s alternative, shoegaze, power pop sound.

Flowerbomb is a compelling sonic space of authentic emotional release in the headphones, or a car stereo on long night drives, or the crowded and dimly lit basements and clubs they are known to play. Rachel’s honest and poignant lyrics ride the shoegaze waves that she and Charles blast from their guitars. Her vocal prowess and sincerity are most noticeable in the effortless juxtaposition of her naturally robust voice with moments of restraint and vulnerability. Alongside Dan's relentlessly ornate drumming and Nat's punk inspired bass lines, Flowerbomb is a complex bouquet of raw feeling and sound that commands your attention. They are a band that does not hold anything back. They have an undeniable musical chemistry in the studio and on stage which keeps audiences returning to their shows and their tracks on repeat.

With 2 singles release in 2017 including “Marbles” and “Fleeting”, they just wrapped up recording their debut LP in 2018 which was produced by Dan ABH and co-produced / mixed by Mark Reiter. “Pretty Dark” was recorded at BIAS Studios in Springfield, VA and at The Lab Sound Studio in Alexandria, VA. The debut album “Pretty Dark” is set to be released this upcoming winter.

Venue Information:
Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave E
Vienna, VA, 22180